[TokyoHot n0547] The double insertion – JAV Uncensored

Watch The new face office lady of the hope has joined the TOKYO HOT commercial firm. It is MAIKO YAMAZAKI who is fair in beauty leg. However the senior employee does not expect it for the work of MAIKO. Is she beauty pussy? How is the sensitivity? It wants to make vaginal cum shot. A devil delusion swirls in the head of all the employees and explodes at last! All employees crowd for one pussy and it is an unexpected situation. It is double insertion in the lovely & tight pussy at the last. It is good for licking fingering and pouring semen. The body of new face OL is full of enjoyment. It is most suitable to torment in great numbers. MAIKO goes to her office early in the morning than anyone and started work immediately. Then there is one man who shows up there. Behavior is doubtful though it is a tidy wearing a suit. A man doesn’t say anything and attack MAIKO immediately after she approached man when she thinks he might be man of important customer. MAIKO who was surprised runs around in an office but she is caught and is made deep kiss. Man’s purpose seems to have been body of MAIKO. MAIKO is made taking off clothes immediately after and tits is exposed. In addition stocking is broken and the finger is stabbed to the pussy. And careful licking service is made after finger fuck is made by the standing pose. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. Immediately after another man comes and takes a picture of the fuck scene with the camera. MAIKO is obstinately taken of a picture a shameful appearance that cock is deeply inserted at backward woman on top woman on top and lift body up posture. Then vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture immediately after. MAIKO is immediately restrained with the rope by other men though she is surprised and panics at the vaginal cum shot that is not anticipated. Immediately after it is finger fuck after labia meat is expanded and even urethral openings is exposed. The vibs toy is continuously pushed to the clitoris. Why it is though she only works in the company? MAIKO is panicky in an incomprehensible situation. She feels it in intense stimulation of the vibs toy immediately after and rage. And she has incontinent then got acme. Then vibs toy inserted in the pussy immediately after. The clitoris is stimulated at the same time with the electric machine massage machine and she faints in agony. Labia meat is completely enlarged and getting rolled up. In addition five electric machine massage machines hit between groins directly at a dash after she is put on ball gag. MAIKO writhes suffering and rages. This is already a limit. It is put Cuzco just after that and it is exposed fleshy uterine ostium. It is beautiful pink color and an obscene fold of the vagina road is proof of the great pussy. Fuck might be a surely pleasant thing. The cock is continuously thrown in the mouth and she is made to suck. It is an obedient and polite fellatio. The cock work is still more suitable for MAIKO than the office lady. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. Piston continues at back missionary and side posture and it is an electric machine massage machine attack to the clitoris at the same time by backward woman on top posture and she ejaculates. Furthermore other cock was inserted while having been inserted at woman on top posture. It is double insertion of astonishment. The double insertion continues at M leg woman on top posture immediately after. It is a matter of time that the pussy breaks. And she is made piston at missionary posture and is made vaginal cum shot. Immediately after second cock inserted and semen is injected. The third cock also inserted at once at bending posture and vaginal cum shot is made at back posture. Immediately after cock pulled out once is inserted again and stir it and semen is completely injected. It is devil. However it did not end by this. Fucking photograph of MAIKO was already open to the public in in-house LAN. The employees who saw it gather. The electric machine massage machine is pushed to the pussy after whole body of MAIKO is touched and licked. MAIKO ejaculates to strong stimulation of the electric machine massage machine and is made acme. Immediately after the employee inserts the cock in the pussy and ejaculates in the vagina. Pussy which semen of ten totals is poured is a complete collapse. The employees satisfied to ejaculate it return to work hastily. The woman who was left is covered with semen and is in horrible state. There is no appearance of beauty pussy anymore. MAIKO is transferred to cock section after this. It is work to lick and clean the cock not only after ejaculation but also after the urine. Because of the profession there is not the desk and she always lies hidden in the restroom and wait. It seems to be pleased to lick even the anal recently. Free HD on JAVFetish

Studio: tokyo-hot

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