TakaraEizo RADC-022 Minami Ayase My Wife Is A Hotpot

Watch I told my wife to go with a little entertainment to deepen friendship while eating a pot with a good friend president. While saying good, I felt love affection in my wife who was asking for the second round. So Minami is a fleshy body and big tits. It is a bit erotic, unpleasantly erotic, so I regret it now furiously. Because it was exciting with the president who likes me the other day, it was awfully raging and there was also drunken momentum and it was a few weeks ago that I had great consequences. And today, that day came. The president says it is a necessary act to take care of his wife … what to do … is couple exchange, so swapping. It is drunk momentum If I can say that I am sorry, I will forgive it, but I can not say that, I also say to a wife a pot party that is entertaining and devilish it, when I notice it, that day anymore. Somewhat stepping forward, I went to the president’s house. When I told the president who greeted me with a smile, I told her that she did not tell her, I was told to leave it to smile. The president’s wife was younger than I thought, I was surprised that this person is being exchanged, I thought that the talk is actually a lie. We started drinking with 4 people, and at the timing when the tension flew away, my wife started to say soon ….女房のみなみに仲良しの社長さんと鍋を食べつつ親睦を深める、ちょっとした接待に一緒に行こうと言った。良いよと言いつつ、2回戦目を強請る女房に愛おしさを感じた。そうみなみは肉付きの良い体と大きいおっぱい。少しエロくて、いや割とエロくて、だから今猛烈に後悔している。というのも先日、私を気に入ってくれてる社長とエロい話しで盛り上がり、酔った勢いもあり任せてくださいと大見得切ったのが数週間前。そして今日、その日がやってきました。社長曰く、妻を大事にする為必要な行為なのだと…何をするかというと…夫婦交換、そうスワッピングです。酔った勢いですごめんなさいって言えれば許してくれるんだろうけど、それも言えず、女房にも接待的な鍋パーティーって言って誤魔化して、気が付いたらもう当日。何となく足取り重く、社長宅へ。笑顔で迎え入れてくれた社長に、女房に言っていない事を伝えると、にこやかに任せとけっていわれました。社長の奥さんは思っていた以上に若い方で、この人が交換されてるのと驚き、あの話しは実は嘘なんじゃないかと思いました。4人で乾杯し、緊張もほぐれてきたタイミングで、奥さんがじゃあそろそろって言い始めたんです…。
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Studio: takara-tv

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