Mywife – NO 1363 Asami Sato I am a married woman living in Utsunomiya city

Watch He is a married woman living in Utsunomiya city. My maternal grandmother seems to be a Russian quarter. I got acquainted with my husband at a friend ‘s introduction, and after a half – year relationship I married speed. She was prepared to be busy due to various pressures and relationships as a manager’s wife, but the actual married life is like a helper who can use it free of charge for the master. Private exhibition from 5/11 to 5/17 23: 59宇都宮市在住の人妻さんです。 母方の祖母がロシアの方でクォーターだそうです。 友人の紹介でご主人と知り合い、半年の交際を経てスピード婚。経営者の妻として色々なプレッシャーやお付き合いがあり忙しくなると覚悟していた彼女だったが、実際の結婚生活は主人に無償で使えるお手伝いさんの様だとか…。 ※5/11~5/17 23:59までの限定公開
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