Mywife – NO 1362 Miura Hitomi with her husband working as a beautician

Watch Mr. Miura who has a master who is active as a hairdresser. Mr. Miura who was often worried about female business contact with a work pattern, but he believed his husband asserting that such a thing is definitely not done until now. However, he said he was convinced that he was betrayed by the love hotel amenity that appeared when cleaning the room one day. Her husband’s cheating partner was also a staff of a beauty salon, and also told that he would go to work and found that he went on a trip with his female staff frequently! And Mr. Miura who was seriously dealt with by his husband said that he was upset with cheating and wasting his daily stress and dissatisfaction with severe sex with an unknown man ….美容師として活躍しているご主人を持つ三浦さん。仕事柄女性と接することが多く浮気を心配していた三浦さんだったが、そんなことは絶対にないと断言するご主人を信じて今までやってきたそう。だが、ある日部屋を掃除していた時に出てきたラブホテルのアメニティで自分が裏切られたことを確信したという。ご主人の浮気相手は美容室のスタッフ、しかも仕事に行くと言ってその女性スタッフと度々旅行に行っていたことも発覚!そして、ご主人に酷い仕打ちをされた三浦さんは浮気の腹いせと言って、日頃のストレスや不満を見知らぬ男との激しいセックスで解消するのであった…。
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