MaxA XVSR-422 What I Can Do For My Husband Trained By The Boss To Be Taken Down Aya Tomoda

Watch I was struggling with the failure my husband caused at the company and was locking in at home. Aya Yuka was worried about seeing such a figure, but the manager got delivered to her husband who drank too much one day. The director I met for the first time saw the beautiful appearance of Aya Yaka and I tried to train by using my husband’s mismanagement. The director who climbed up to his / her house successfully got intoxicated with her husband and started training by watching the gap that made him bed. At first I was disgusted Aya Yaka, but the body reacts gradually. And … ….夫が会社で起こしてしまった失敗に思い悩み自宅で塞ぎ込んでいた。そんな姿を見て心配する彩也香だったが、ある日飲み過ぎた夫を自宅まで部長が送り届けて貰う。そこで初めて会った部長は彩也香の美しい姿をみて夫の不始末を利用して調教しようと考える。自宅に上手く上がり込んだ部長は夫を酔わせて寝かせた隙を見て調教を開始する。最初は嫌がる彩也香だったが徐々に身体が反応していく。そして…・。
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