Luxury TV 259LUXU-1017 Everyone, it is AKIMOTO Reika a long time ago

Watch Everyone, it is AKIMOTO Reika a long time ago. About 2 months since the last appearance. I am continuing with my boyfriend who was like a manner. After having appeared in the first AV, I dared to blame it myself, but after surprised, I ordered it normally and finished. I am going to do my best with my own courage, but … what is wrong? I usually have little stimulation. Something is unsatisfactory though it is satisfied right after Sesshu …. I want to be satisfied once again. I want you to be filled not only by you but also by your opponent this time. I thought so and I came again this time. Although it is a second shame, I am still shy, but I will do my utmost to satisfy each other. Thank you very much.皆さまお久しぶりです、秋元麗華です。前回出演してから約2ヵ月。マンネリ気味だった彼氏とは今も続いております。初めてのAVに出演後思い切って自分から責めてみたのですが…驚いたあと普通にセッ〇スして終わり。自分では勇気をだして頑張ったつもりなんですが…何がいけないんでしょう…。普段から刺激が少ない私。セッ〇スした直後は満たされているのになんだか物足りない…。もう一度満たされたい。今度は自分だけでなく相手にも満たされてほしい。そう思って今回また来てしまいました。2度目とはいえまだまだ恥ずかしさはありますが、お互いが満足できるよう精一杯務めさせていただきます。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。
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Studio: luxury-tv

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