Luxury TV 259LUXU-904 Ayumi Sakuraki 28 years old professional dancer

Watch Mr. Ayumi Sakuragi, a professional dancer with an elegant atmosphere with a calm way of speaking. A sharp aura has appeared so that you can not imagine dancing. The same as before, its beautiful style …, it is a perfect and magical proportion that you can understand even from the top of your clothes. I gently thoroughly massage my body. Excellent beautiful buttress responding to massage in underwear appearance. Horny sweet breath that you hear when you hit a sensitive part. If you are in a swimsuit appearance, plump G cup stands out. To that extent softness of the eagle, the finger sinks. Softness is not just about the chest. Sensitive parts are also similar. There is no word in that softness. Natural and hips move to a pleasantly entangled fold. He reacts with a sweet voice every time he pushed it up. From time to time, the feeling of tightening the inside of the cuff is exceptional. Lastly I was smiling with a sperm on my face.話し方が落ち着いていて上品な雰囲気のプロダンサー、櫻木あゆ美さん。ダンスをしていると想像がつかないぐらいお淑やかなオーラが出ています。以前と変わらず、その美しいスタイル…、服の上からでも分かる完璧で魔性的なプロポーションです。身体を優しくじっくり揉み上げていく。下着姿の揉み応え抜群の美尻。敏感な部分に電マをあてると聞こえてくるエッチな甘い吐息。水着姿になってもらえば、豊満なGカップが引き立っている。あれだけの柔らかさは、鷲づかみにすれば、指が沈む。柔らかさは胸だけではない。敏感な部分も同様だ。あの柔らかさに言葉がない。ねっとりと絡みつくヒダに自然と腰が動いてしまう。突き上げる度に甘い声で反応してくれる。時折、キュッと中を締め付けてくる感覚は格別だ。最後は顔についた精子で満足そうに笑顔を浮かべてた。
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Studio: luxury-tv

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