KMProduce MKMP-230 Sakura Kinari Cosplay World

Watch Cosplay love Sakura Kizun embraces herself in a commitment cosplay costume! ! This time, I play five different kinds of characters. A short drama is developed in each world view. The synergistic effect of costumes and acting skill has a deep feeling of immersion in the story. As a heroine in each story it is miserablely accused and watching the cute cum shot is a must-see! !コスプレ大好き佐倉絆がこだわりのコスプレ衣装に身を包んで登場!!今回、なりきり演じるのは5種類のキャラクター。それぞれの世界観の中でショートドラマが展開される。衣装のクオリティと演技力の相乗効果で物語への没入感が深い。各ストーリーでヒロインとしてねっとりいやらしく責められ可愛くイキまくる姿は必見!!
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Studio: km-produce

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