KMProduce AVOP-270 Beautiful Wife That Has Been In Her Husband Family Of Sex Slaves, Record Aki Sasaki Of Obedience

Watch Beautiful wife married to her husband ‘s parents Aki. I was thinking that I could spend sailing smoothly, headed suddenly to my brother ‘s husband, and presented a hidden masturbation video. Akatsu used for threatening animation begins to be treated as a marionette of sex without being allowed to resist. And the daily life that changed completely. Without saying the truth to the husband, it fell into the nameless named Zubusubu and libido. This is a record until one woman turns into an obedient sexual slave of a male family.旦那の実家に嫁入りした美人若妻あき。順風満帆に過ごせると思っていた矢先、旦那の弟に突如呼び出され、隠し撮りされたオナニー動画を提示される。 動画を脅しに使われたあきは抵抗することも許されない性のマリオネットとして扱われ始める。そして一変した日々の生活。真実を旦那に言えないままズブズブ と性欲という名の魔手に堕ちていく。これは1人の女が男系一族の従順な性奴隷と化すまでの記録。
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Studio: km-produce

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