FHD TakaraEizo SPRD-1034 The Annual Wife Who Is Older Than The Remarriage Partner Is OK Bamaiki Ei

Watch A few years after remarried at Batsichi. My wife has changed recently though I should be a good couple. I go to the company while being abused by my wife like everyday, such a daily life. But today is different, in front of my eyes trying to go out, there was a divorced ex-wife Makihide. It is a pure coincidence. Makihide seems to have moved to this apartment these days. I was excited by nostalgia and happiness, and I invited him to my home as my wife is out. Each other’s recent situation, such as remarriage, marital relationship is not good etc. Makino also remarried, her husband was tired of getting tired and exhausted, he talked sillyly. I remembered that she was suddenly Makihide and her husband and wife. Acts at that time were satisfied with each other, but now I am not satisfied. When I hugged Maki Britain, I took a finger on her body. I refused to accept Maki, but I kissed hot regardless of myself.バツイチで再婚して数年。仲の良かった夫婦のはずなのに、妻は最近変わってしまった。毎日のように妻に罵られながら会社に行く、そんな日常。でも今日は違った、外出しようとした私の眼の前に、離婚した元妻牧英がいた。全くの偶然。牧英は最近このマンションに引っ越してきたらしい。懐かしさと、嬉しさで興奮した私は、妻が外出している事もあり、自宅へと招待した。お互い近況など、再婚したこと、夫婦仲が良くないことなど。牧英も再婚し、夫が潔癖気味で疲れるなど、他愛なく話していた。不意に牧英と夫婦だった時の事を思い出した。あの時の行為はお互い満足していたのに、今の自分は満足出来ていない。私は牧英に抱きつくと、思い切り彼女の体を弄った。牧英は堪らず拒否してきたが、私は構わず熱いキスをした。
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