FHD TakaraEizo RADC-015 From Now On My Wife Will Be Held By My Boss At A Hot Spring Regret Minako Kirishima

Watch I like my boss married couple we invited to a hot-spring hotel. My future wife was not enthusiastic, and became not how to do things. Arrive at the Inn, and my boss to come forward and his seat, and senior employees of the shadow boss and female employee had been rumored as the boss’s Mistress is 2. Our thought was that my boss and his wife were surprised. Officer boss dressed in yukata, and meeting with their adult counterparts of the boss’s mistress and his wife returned to the seat. Female employees was drunk party was started, but was fun in its own way, to the lonely boss and wife entertainment began. Boss want to see our couple sex when drunk has been around and say, why his wife was OK. Show the marital Act is having an affair, my wife says it is useless no matter what thing. This discoloration! And excitement than usual, holding my wife in front of the boss, my wife erotic Tweetmeme go! and that. Started touch boss just around the corner and saw that and start to blow. She was excited about the end boss in became a feast or 受ke入recha, I’m not sure. Just erotic wife not in good was said to have more fun with your spouse, and all over to see and do.僕の事を気に入ってくれている上司が、僕たち夫婦を温泉宿へと招待してくれた。妻は乗り気ではなかったが、僕の今後の為と仕方なく行ってくれる事になった。宿に着くと、上司は先に来ており、席に着くと、上司の腰巾着の先輩社員と、上司の愛人と噂になっていた女子社員が2名。てっきり上司夫妻がいると思っていた僕たちは驚いた。上司に急かされて浴衣に着替え、妻とは上司の愛人の件は大人の対応でと打ち合わせし、席へと戻った。宴が始まり、それなりに楽しんでいたが、女子社員が酔いつぶれてしまい、寂しそうな上司の為にと妻は接待し始めた。酔いも回ってきた頃、上司が僕たち夫婦のセックスを見たいと言い出し、なぜか妻がOK。妻曰く、浮気は駄目だが夫婦の行為を見せるのは問題無しって事らしい。こうなったらヤケだ!と妻を上司の前で抱いた所、いつもの行為よりも興奮し、妻もエロく盛り上がっれいる。間近で見ていた上司のアレを触り始め、フェラし始めるし…結局興奮した妻は上司を生で受け入れちゃって、なんだかわからない宴会になってしまいました。ただ、妻のエロい一面を見れたし、夫婦でもっと楽しもうという話にもなったので良しとしますかね…。
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Studio: takara-tv

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