FHD E-BODY EBOD-678 Very Thin Slim W 52 Cm Slender F Cup Short Cut Female College Student Can Play Young Nude AV Debut Tojo Ao

Watch 2 years of active female college student, 20 years old. ● In school days devoted to club activities in basketball yet to continue basketball occasionally in the university’s circle Ao Tojo who has a terribly tight body. The place where the crackles dent dramatically, the chest is beautifully raised F cup big tits. The sexual response is extremely outstanding and it keeps thin bodied body while the tidal current blows to Biejobyjo, so there is simultaneity and beauty at the same time. It is an AV debut image of such a slender female college student. 現役女子大学生2年、20歳。●校時代はバスケの部活に打ち込み、今でも大学のサークルでたまにバスケをするためモノ凄い引き締まったボディを持つ東条蒼さん。クビレるところは劇的にへこみ、胸は美しく隆起したFカップ巨乳。性感反応は超抜群で細い肉体をしならせながらビジョビジョにイキ潮も吹くため、いやらしさと美しさが同時に存在する。そんなスレンダー女子大生のAVデビュー映像となっております。

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Studio: e-body

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